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'Social Contract Me Baby'

(In high quality Mp3 & lossless wave)

Notes by Cousin Lee. A collection of songs exploring ideas of Social Contract Theory and bringing ones attention to the concept.

Work started on this album after I completed a degree in law. Hence where the title came from. Only about half the songs feature words. The process of taking things apart had started with looking at the social contract theory while studying. This set of recordings tries to understand the whole of society and what drives it. From going to the bottom of sea to fcuk cool. What feeds people. I sometimes thing we do not want change. Yet this recording as life is full of change. I wondered long hard about the 'Age of the credit card' track. If I could really get away with song like this. Of course there are songs which are multi layered and driving to destinations such as Get up/step into the light. How many ways can one look at things, as my law professor pointed out if you can not destroy it than you can not see it. There is truth in that  when we can see all the angles.

'Time is Short' no doubt, can we listen to things ultimately we dislike what it is about. Where do they take us. I must 'Trust the Future' for my ideas are free. In a world where try to own ideas. what does it matter, and does it serve the contract we have with each other. The music makes it easier, it takes me away, there are possibilities.

1.  The Coming

This started life as 'Wild Wild' it was among a selection of the first recordings that was recorded for  'Social Contract Me Baby' I think this is the only one that survived from that session. The title is self explanatory.

2   Upbeat (extended Including Sock It To Me Baby)

There are currently three different versions of this song. All very different and unique. This was one was a demo version but seem to have a unique quality. The final mix is two songs put together the first was called upbeat, but the words are for 'sock it to me baby' where its two previous versions did not allow the words to exist. As the song says it is 'Upbeat'.

3   Sock It To Me Baby (Crying Version)

This is the second versions of this song. This is probably a slightly controversial piece, I thought long and hard about putting it in on the album. You have the feeling of heartbeat fighting for what must be done. All the rhythm is switched here. Recorded at my home studio using Cubase.

4   Sock It To Me Baby (Demur Version)

The last version of 'Sock it to me Baby' where the feeling is stronger and there is an Indian spirit with rolling drums.

5   Fat and Tear #

Is the sound of industry in progress not of factories as they have all gone from England (probably good), but of saturday night TV (probably bad).

6   Going to the Bottom of the Sea

Recorded this Track 2013. As the title says it about going to the bottom of the sea and trying to find something. Of course the language is mythical and sea represent the large space that takes up our live. It is recorded just with piano and Vocals, mixed with cubase at my home studio.

7   Super Cool

I felt it should have better name but this is all that came to mind. It was original called fcuking cool. Sit back....

8   Get on up / step into the light (Featuring Pinky B)

This song was recorded in Augusts / September 2013 in Gypo's Buggane studio. The song idea dates back about 15 years ago when I was playing in grunge band in the Netherlands we used it as an intro to song called fake. I think the idea behind that song is exploring ideas and becoming engaged in events that surround you. Of course it is perspective. However when one is younger it is possible to feel very uninspired and that change for the better is a hopeless goal. This is not so.

Pre recording we did a number of sessions with Gypo where ideas were thrown against a wall to see what would stick. I had an acoustic demo but substantial rewrote the song and recorded the drum that you hear on the finished version. Gypo took that demo and really reworked it using Pro tools, not only adding trumpets unbeknown to me that he could play himself but also really applying years of knowledge and understanding. He was stickle for the rhythm where I have tendency to let things be very loose he made it tight which is what any dance track needs and took the track to whole new level. While the track is political motivated it was also the point to make something that was danceable uplifting and seductive. Pinky B provided the Vocals for this track. In her first studio performance and after much persuasion she put a vocal that required little or no effects and was pretty much spot on.

9   Age of the Plastic Credit Card

This song came from Day 4 of the listening project 'something has changed' recorded in Feb 2015. Here is the  completed version of this song. Released here for the third time.

10.  Bubbling Under

As it sounds.

11.  Concentrate

How we concentrate or the strength of things

12 Shake the Tree (Trust the Future)

Acceptance of how much of our lives is beyond our control, what ever we my think about it.

13 Time is Short

A reminder that it does not last forever.

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