Really Early stuff, Bootlegs & Unrealeased recordings of projects
  • There is lots of stuff that does not make it to release. Here is some of the best, and most interesting.

It is Just You & L+o+v+e = You & Me (Double A Side download)

It Is Just You & L+o+v+e = You & Me (Double A Side) taken from the days when you could buy a vinyl single.

Format lossless wave file and high quality mp3 (256)

Here are two tracks from two similar recordings recorded in 1989 & 1990 under the title collection of ‘L+o+v+e = You & Me’ and the second one ‘What the Hell’.

Featuring Gonzo on Bass & Prince on Bongo’s

These funky little numbers featured predominately  bongos & Bass and nearly secured recording contract at the time due to it’s unique sound. It was the first proper track that Cousin Lee recorded in Studio S in Strommen in Oslo 1989. It was recorded on 16 track reel to reel. Cousin Lee is known to comment that he would like to do these numbers in slightly different way. Which is one of the projects he is busy with.

L+o+v+e = You & Me is an instrumental and was the title song for this recording session.


The Album Cover for L+o+v+e = You & Me


it is just you

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Barley & Oats

Barley & Oats (mp3) Bootleg version

Another classic from the Madhatters written by Mr Mc Hillbilly. A true sing along guaranteed. Plans are afoot to rerecord this song.

Barley And Oates

From Lands End to John O’Groats

Hallow fields which all may approach

Barley And Oates


Barley And Oates


There once was a beggar who put on hat

Labeled D for Dunce

Before taken away by the white Coats

Shouted Barley and Oats

Barley And Oates


Barley And Oates

They grow on land but not on rivers or Moats

They can be taken away

by trucks and boats


Stop a minuet to party barley barley

Be sure of what you note oat oat oat


Barley And Oates

From Lands End to John O Groats

Hallow fields which all may approach

Barley And Oates

Written By S McHillbilly Published Madhatters © 1993



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Nothing (talk audio)

Nothing  (in high quality Mp3)


This was part of a project I did last year which involved publishing  a track every day.  Under the title of ‘The listening project’. I recorded this idea that devised and recorded in the nineties with Marten de Wind and got lost under a mountain of cassettes. To say anything here would spoil it. However the piece is about 45 minutes long, the original was 90 minutes. Here I explore the meaning of nothing.  It is here, everything you wanted to know about nothing and why it is so important.

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In The Evening

Lossless wave and high quality mp3 (256)

There are tapes and tapes of recordings that got left behind. Slowly they are being unearthed. This one takes one on a trip. A slow wordy humming song about how we face ourselves when we get home.  It is really a stand out track from the recently discovered (thought lost) best described as Bootleg collection 1.

In The Evening

In the evening, what you have to do

Except the reality of what has happened

and move on

To the next step

Put the light switch on

Stop this messing around

Now I feel like I am running

we all know what it is worth


My heart aches With longing

For what has passed and I know I can not go


Work fills my consciousness

and switch it off

Would be so easy

In my work but we never


Nothing that is everything

Double four

We would like to move on to some more

this is personal

Set it in a play


For what has passed

And I know I can not go


My heat aches

Aches with longing


Speed seems to be the essence

Pressure of it has to part

caterpillar to butterfly

In this thought in this world

How much can it take

Just watch the people on the bombs

they take the punishment

With the flick of a switch

There is man with talent


I lost it about than

Over taken, get up to day in the afternoon

I lost it about than

Pick it up today in the afternoon

Written By Cousin Lee © 1998

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Augustus and the Drug

Small world ( High quality mp3)

From a collection of recordings that were written and recorded with the Legendary S Mc Hillbilly in 1994. It is about the effects of drugs and how it makes ones world small.

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