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We started rehearsing in July 2015. Of course back then Jim and I  did not really know what the plan was. I had  written a few songs. We spent Many months just practicing and developing the songs. In particular we experimented with structure staying away from traditional song structures.  One of the first songs we did was called ‘Learning Something’ where it had these long stretched musical bits between each verse wiping away standardised ideas.  As the rehearsal progressed we also applied the same treatment to ‘Merry go around’ dealing with choice one can take or not. No 1 E mix was also taking songwriting apart, the song as the title suggests is based on one chord. We often Joked the next number would be No 2 in E & C.  Of course while it was interesting to go off the beaten track  It was also necessary to make things that could be played at a Party etc, to communicate in other ways too. I picked a couple of tracks that I had played with the Madhatters in the 1990’s Due S Mchillbilly’s untimely death I always felt that I should rerecord some of them and justify my comments that ‘I knew one of the greatest songwriters’. The first one we did was called ‘Come to the Ball’ a hypnotic drive beat with witty words. The version that has ended up on the album includes piano and bass. There was 6 weeks of pre-recording making suitable demos of the tracks. Of which a fair amount of the tracks mainly guitar or vocals made it onto the album. Gypo Buggane the recording engineer and co-musical  producer often added bass lines or trumpet as it was required. Barley and Oats the opening track is a Mc Hillbilly original. I remember hearing this track for the first time in The Netherlands on one of McHillbilly’s many trips. He played it just before we ate and I knew it was a hit. I encouraged him to record them unfortunately these tracks never got developed into proper recordings due to lack of time and other commitments.

The idea for ‘One track Mind’ came while I was visiting the natural history museum in Oxford. I thought it would be interesting to record maybe ten very different versions of the same song. In the rehearsal phase we ended up with hours and hours of differnet takes of the tracks. Then it progressed to more state of being ‘One Track Mind’ is about  a way to a better world. Music is slowly starting to be recognised as a science and it is a greater understanding of complex human emotions. If one wants to convince another of an opinion, music is very good way to do that. In some respects I only do this so that we can look at a better way of doing things. Hence why there are two tracks dealing with Dreams. ‘Let me in your Dreams’ Is a rework of piece of music I wrote in the nineties called ‘Let me in your Nightmare’.  The sharing of ones dreams is often the highest state that people can reach. However it is often dismissed. The true  power of them and the meaning they give us, perhaps is often how we view our time on this planet. ‘Hold on to your Dreams’ was a song that McHillbilly and I co-wrote to finish album of mine called ‘Red Hot Sparks’ released in the nineties. If the world decides everything for people. It is not winning in the hearts. We can do better there is nothing to fear from one another and there is some where that we can create grace and beauty. As always love is the answer. Nobody does knowingly stupid things. To them it is the smartest thing to do. It is hard to show love in face of such barren landscape were people remember themselves in some distant dream.

Down to Sea takes a different turning. This is never what I intended and yet here we are. Did man set out to become this tame yet we long to be free with no idea of what that entails. ‘Waiting to cross the Road’ was one of the songs that the Madhatters use to do. Which usually involved McHillbilly rapping it at some opportune moment. I particular remember him doing it at a New York party were he had just arrived to great applause. Jim and I have contributed to this song. Jim with the delta blues and I with the melody. It was picked because so much of life for many people is around the corner. I have to wait for this or that, life is now, cross that road.

‘I am Manx man’ was originally ‘I am an Irish Man’ this one is also from the  Madhatter days and was penned by McHillbilly I adapted it for modern times. It is included here cause it deals with the idea that are we different and it is alright. In the age multi billion dollar corporations no one seize fits all.  Which is something I write about at there are always alternatives to how we do things in society. It is not as if the current path is such a great success.

The only song dealing about love is called ‘Is it any wonder’ there is real development on this album Gypo forced me to play more succinctly and follow/stay with the melody of the track. In doing this the track that has been most difficult, it finally found a home and  came alive. The opening riff stays with me and reminds me of the one’s dearest to me.

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Running Order:

No 1. Barley & Oats

No 2. Come to the Ball

No 3. Take me Down to the Sea

No 4. Let me in Your Dreams

No 5. Waiting to cross the road

No 6. Merry go round

No 7. I am Manx Man

No 8. Learning Something

No 9. Is it any Wonder

No 10. Hold onto your dreams

No 11. No1 in E (E Mix)

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