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Nightsessions (Soundtrack to the Time it Takes to Light a Cigarette)

A complete collection in one purchase. (12 separate (320kb/s) mp3 downloads, or high quality wave file)

Performed with Marten De wind & Eric Arends

Recorded By Marcel

Playing Order:

1. Midnight Star: There are several version of this song all quite different. There are two version featured on this collection one fast one Slow. There is another on Opera Afterwards all quite different.

2. I will Follow : Is a song about Blind ignorance or how we can be so unkind to ourselves when we expect somethings but it does not necessarily follow,

3. Song About: Is the helplessness of relationships, We learn as we do . Of course the fundamental of being together was reproduce. However in the modern age that is not necessarily so. However changing our instinct requires a lot awareness if it can be done at all.

4. Shoot it all Away: It is not a mad idea and one that is that is felt by all sorts of people over the world that current society's could do with a lot of improvement. I personal think small is beautiful. Eric's bass track is great in this 🙂

5. Mr Blue Sky: The environment we live in, the air we breathe. This song is about that and it is not going away unless we answer some real questions about it. A reggae feel with a rocket attached.

6. Scream if you know this one: The first track I wrote for this project. I remember being influenced by Nirvana but you can not hear it in the track.

7. Was it unclear: Wild wild but beautiful with a lovely powerful beat.

8. Better Idea: Sometimes pure madness seem to be he best idea we have.

9. Let me in your Nightmare (your dreams): This song seemed very powerful at the time. I evened stop playing it live. What is beneath the surface of all relationships. The seeds of problems exist. However People do the best they can do if they knew of a better way they would do it. It took me a very long time to understand this. I understand it now probably the most important thing in my life.

10. Jump that Train: If There no where you feel comfortable then you have to go somewhere that you do or create such a place. That is what this song is about.

11. Painting You: This was the song that gave us our name. As it says....

12. Dazed and confused: The last track an acoustic number. A reflection of reality.

Time it Takes to Light a Cigarette the first performance


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