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It Is Just You & L+o+v+e = You & Me (Double A Side) taken from the days when you could buy a vinyl single.

Format lossless wave file and high quality mp3 (256)

Here are two tracks from two similar recordings recorded in 1989 & 1990 under the title collection of 'L+o+v+e = You & Me' and the second one 'What the Hell'.

Featuring Gonzo on Bass & Prince on Bongo's

These funky little numbers featured predominately  bongos & Bass and nearly secured recording contract at the time due to it's unique sound. It was the first proper track that Cousin Lee recorded in Studio S in Strommen in Oslo 1989. It was recorded on 16 track reel to reel. Cousin Lee is known to comment that he would like to do these numbers in slightly different way. Which is one of the projects he is busy with.

L+o+v+e = You & Me is an instrumental and was the title song for this recording session.


The Album Cover for L+o+v+e = You & Me


it is just you

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