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Greedy Pig Album

Cousin Lee's fifth studio recording, 17 tracks in (mp3 download format and lossless wave)


Play order Below.

01 The Look
02 Love
03 On The run (Ballet)
04 Nothing Shadows on the wall
05 Is cool
06 It is coming
07 People Pass By
08 Seventh world
09 Any Other Way
10 Pass Through Me
11 Enternity Hope it is Better Than
12 I Feel so Alone
13 Changing Rooms
14 Watching TV
15 Turkish Delight
16 How is that? Out
17 Piano Concerto

I see you on the astral plane when we have the time to meet, as I wonder through out this day. This day my thoughts hanging feeling and living. There is another world, was this what I wanted, no not yet. There is world where all is as it should be we just have to grab it and pull it to our chest.

Possibilities and chances we have to live I think, we know what we want but we just do not know how to get it. I heard it said 'it was what i wanted but now I just can't say'. The market is full sometimes I feel the pushing of it all.

Blame I would not dare to lay at you feet yet all the time my brain is working to put the pieces to gather. What in the end is clear. In answer to you question it was meant to be better it was something else.

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