Gospel According to Who
  • The Gospel according to who a Painting You Album recorded in 1996 remastered and available here. Featuring Ernest Lagaay and Igor Legaay and Cousin Lee.
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Painting You – Gospel According to Who

Complete album Gospel According to Who In Lossless Wave and High Quality Mp3

This is the mastered version of this album, completed by Gypo Buggane.  Performed By Painting You. This album is part one of a two part recording . Part 1 is released here.

Album info and Track Listing

01 Resistance is Low

This track/session was recorded in Buurse just outside Enschede in the Netherlands in Dec 1995. The complications of relationship. Although we might not agree when is compromise or acceptance acceptable.

02 Kill an Idea

CL- I remember writing this track and be some what embarrassed about it. It seemed to be so different than anything else I had heard at the time. Now I think this is one of the best tracks we have done.

03 Unclear (Igor Mix)

This song has gone through many changes an it is here because it is entirely different from the first recording made in Nigthsessions.

04 Backwards (live forever)

Sometimes it is easier to do it backwards then forwards to get the desired result.

05 If I get it wrong

This was the first track that I heard. Which started the process of releasing this album. I was simple blown away by the power of it.

06 Plastic Leather

I suppose people will tell how you should do something including having sex. It seems people are unable to trust their own instinct. We don’t talk much about that growing up. I am sure that the of the only thing that matters is that it is consensual

07 Fake

If we did not lie where would we be. How real is real and what can we expect from it?

08 Jump That Train (Acoustic)

This song is so different from where it started that it deserved another hearing. Being railroaded in life is not acceptable. That is what this about.

09 In The Heart

The blood pumps the heart and yet we carry the strangest feelings and emotions around in our heart that damage it.

10 Sign Says

The sign that tells where to go or what is going or how are we are doing. If you read these signs you could develop a  dislike of humans. Maybe really do need to do some work on ourselves.

Gospel According to Who

Cover The Gospel Accoriding To Who

Front cover of the Gospel According To Who

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