Formed in 1992 by Cousin Lee & S Mc Hillbilly in Manchester

Other Band Member : Vimto

A supremely creative due/threesome who wrote and performed many songs that were never properly recorded but were released on different collections from Manchester to New York. In 1992 they visited and played in the east village of New York. In 1994 they  recorded Red Hot Sparks together in The Netherlands and many other songs. The song lyrics and some music feature on this site such as:

You Could Find it in the Moon

Hold on to your Dreams

Come come Abandon your Fears

Bird of Slumber

Bonnie Prince Thomas (not good to kill those animals)


Due to S Mc Hillbilly untimely death the group ended. Lee is currently planning to rerecord many of these great tracks.

Hillbilly and I


Mc Hillbilly