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Someday I may write how I got here, but right know I have finished working on some  new recordings under the title ‘One Track Mind’ in memory of  Adrian Doherty Aka S McHillbilly due for release in May

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Very few musicians are composers and not all composers are musicians – Cousin Lee

Multi style singer-songwriter Cousin Lee was born Leo Cussons on Dec 14, 1971, in Douglas, Isle of Man. While attending college, he began performing folk and country songs, taking the name “Augustus.” In 1992 Cousin Lee made his first studio recordings 1989 In Oslo, Norway. In 1994 he formed the band Painting You in the Netherelands who also made an art movie the same year ‘Time it Takes to Light a Cigarette’ , Cousin Lee has continued to record in recent years, with his recent studio albums including ‘Social Contract me Baby’  (2015) and One Track Mind (2016).

From Punk to Classical with Words

Some Thoughts (still developing)

If you could say it you would not need music. Music is the basic energy that unites and takes us to places we would like to be or not. It can change us speak to us and yet it only exist in the present and then it is gone. The beat represents the driving force that exist in all living people. There is no higher joy than Singing.



Augustus – L+o+v+e = You & Me – 1990

Augustus – Featuring S Mc Hillbilly – Red Hot sparks – 1994

Cousin Lee – Bootleg Volume 3 & 4 Surrender recordings  & No Secret, No Mystery recordings

Cousin Lee – Bootleg Volume 5 – Spanish Love recordings

Cousin Lee – Steps in Between – 1998

Cousin Lee – Greedy Pig – 1999

Cousin Lee – Social Contract Me Baby -2015

Cousin Lee – ‘One Track Mind’


Augustus – B Sides selection (collection of various recordings not released elsewhere – 1997)

Cousin Lee – Augustus Something or Nothing (collection of various recordings not released elsewhere)

Cousin Lee – Bootleg Volume 1 (Dutch recording 2002)

Cousin Lee – Bootleg Volume 2 – Maz Masters

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The cover of Something or Nothing

The Cover of some of the best.


Early years Footage – Broken Dreams, Turn Your world.