‘Time it Takes to Light a Cigarette’

 Music By Painting You
Augustus Goster
Maarten de Wind
Eric Arends
Directed by Franz Klijn Velderman
Ass Director Freek Lulof
2nd Ass Director Justus Lulof
Sound Camille Dings
Scenery Guido Zoomer
Frank Ploum
Hans Teklenburg
Meindert Koopman
Annemarie Janssen
George van der Veen
Angel Roelofs
Winet Van der Akker
A short Film
It was a dream nobody understood. Twenty one years later if there is anything more important then to take from it that living in the moment is what life is all about. ‘Lee 2015’
Made in Enschede in The Netherlands in the summer of 1994

Footnote: Much of the footage ‘about 8 Hours’ from the making film is available on Utube.

Following on from the film Painting You did Some concerts…..starting of with ‘Kill an idea’  The Joke was missed to some degree.

Extra Performances by Trashcan Harry, and Freek Lulof

In world of perfect tv. We start to believe the world is like that. So lets take a look at it from the other side, Moments exist there is no such thing as better or worse it is what it is.

 Painting You – Proudly Presents – Nothing that is right (The Worlds Worst show)

Filmed  by Freek Lulof


Painting You – Live – The Time it Takes

Painting You in the Final performance of the Time it Takes to Light a Cigarette


A selection of motion picture caught in time on film,

Astral Plane (no names needed):




Go pro Channel:

Through the doors and to where:


Back through the doors, something else