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Resistance Is Low – Painting You

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

From the Gospel According to who


Resistance Is Low


The truth is to be found

turn this handle

Discover my youth

don’t mess this up

now I am starting to work

succeeding at the art of success


She makes my resistance low

but I love her so


the direction of the arrow

the one I flung

nobody will believe

what it has done

my mind is free

and my heart will follow


She makes my resistance low

but I love her so


Written 1996 Cousin Lee, Published Painting You © 1996

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How Cousin Lee went To New York with S Mc Hillbilly

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Greatest wonder that you ever saw,

was Augustus and S Hillbilly totally disregarding the law

One night after smoking draw

Mc Hillbilly said to Augustus lets go to America Luggage and all

Goster headed back to his House

packed his bags and slip out as quiet as a mouse

Well Mc Hillbilly almost as quite apart from waking up the entire house

Saying I am aware to America, hope you’s all get on fine

The greedy gluttons ate toast before they left

and England of its two finest songwriters was bereft


Mc Hillbilly Headed back to Brenda the Landlady

and Sang the Brenda song and she went crazy

Get in taxi for the bus from Salford college

That place where they take a young man and fill them with crap not knowledge

And the greedy glutton Mc hillbilly was eating crisps

and Augustus Goster got on the bus

and then he left and said I am not taking any of this

So off Mc Hillbilly went to catch his plane

Augustus murmuring all way back to Witherington, that Mc Hillbilly’s gone insane


So Augustus did the same and they met at Dublin Airport

where Mc Hillbilly got barred from going to America

The custom offices where a lousy bunch

Mc hillbilly got himself a pair of magic boots

And some how was allowed to go to America







Still Time

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

In 2046 is there still time will we be saying


Still Time


Still Time, as long as a I breath

that is not the same

there are things

I can do now

those things

I can not do tomorrow


still time

one thinks

lets not kid



Time ever present

but moving away

people will give you money for it

the dream does (not) fade

and all the time it is running outside

like the cold tap


still time for love

not really

either now or never

if it really matters, to live it


my energy,

makes me alive

when I step down

this path

Scares me

that I am alone


but I know

there is no time

for mother earth

but it is not the one

every one thinks

the red herring is easy

Its the one hidden away


Do what has to be done

say what has to be said

Still Time


Written By Cousin Lee © 2016 Discuss at

Barley And Oates

Monday, October 26th, 2015


Barley And Oates

From Lands End to John O’Groats

Hallow fields which all may approach

Barley And Oates


Barley And Oates


There once was a beggar who put on hat

Labeled D for Dunce

Before taken away by the white Coats

Shouted Barley and Oats

Barley And Oates


Barley And Oates

They grow on land but not on rivers or Moats

They can be taken away

by trucks and boats


Stop a minuet to party barley barley

Be sure of what you note oat oat oat


Barley And Oates

From Lands End to John O Groats

Hallow fields which all may approach

Barley And Oates

Written By S McHillbilly Published Madhatters © 1994


Friday, October 16th, 2015

Hate is turning everywhere

Fear subsides in the heart

The sun has disappeared

Nobody was following


Change change change

It is still all the same

It can for me and it can for you


Love you hold in your arms

It is not the same everyday

Stand the driving rain

Down the highway


Change change change

It is still all the same

It can for me and it can for you


You take what is yours

How much is it worth

The whispers telling you

To leave it all behind


Everything changes every day

and it is ok

Cause the sun will shine

in your love