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The ones that are not represented (Where do they go)

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

From the new album ‘Election’ unrecorded


Where do they go, the one’s that lost

the ones, that are not represented

the one’s that are lost

who tried for something better

but did not get it


Democracy divides by the choice you make

putting one side against the other, with a loser  guaranteed


It is not freedom

Even though there is choice

a choice that was not defined

by you and I

but by halls of power

by the people that should know better


How can it be when all people want to be free

Can breathe so easily, yet can not live by one another

that one can be so afraid and close the door on another


Democracy divides by the choice

put one side against the crack

with  a loser guaranteed


There has got to be another way

there has got to be another way

there has got to be another way


Written 2016 Cousin Lee, Published Cousin Lee © 2016


Resistance Is Low – Painting You

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

From the Gospel According to who


Resistance Is Low


The truth is to be found

turn this handle

Discover my youth

don’t mess this up

now I am starting to work

succeeding at the art of success


She makes my resistance low

but I love her so


the direction of the arrow

the one I flung

nobody will believe

what it has done

my mind is free

and my heart will follow


She makes my resistance low

but I love her so


Written 1996 Cousin Lee, Published Painting You © 1996

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Postcard from Mc Hillbilly

Monday, October 31st, 2016

While the Madhatters were in New York in 1992, Mc Hillbilly Sent Cousin Lee a Postcard while living on Myrtel avenue with Steve (Fastyears) Prestionni.






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Thursday, August 4th, 2016

What did you do Judas

what do you feel Judas


You who have so little faith

Prepare to condemn to the ground

When you asked to see the holes in hands

You thought you get let me down


What did you do Judas

what do you feel Judas


Now the nights fear whip your face

Your out yet still to be beaten down

James said you had golden chance

But the tidal waves came crushing down


Who did you betray this time

when you took the mask away

Was it really worth it for the crime

The music is just a shot away


What did they tell yeah

Where you going going now

There is no one left to betray yeh

except the words that are yours


Is the going getting you down

the clock keeps turning around

but don’t it grind you down

how far have you been wound


What did you do Judas

What do you feel Judas


Written 1993 Cousin Lee, Published Cousin Lee © 1993

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How Cousin Lee went To New York with S Mc Hillbilly

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Greatest wonder that you ever saw,

was Augustus and S Hillbilly totally disregarding the law

One night after smoking draw

Mc Hillbilly said to Augustus lets go to America Luggage and all

Goster headed back to his House

packed his bags and slip out as quiet as a mouse

Well Mc Hillbilly almost as quite apart from waking up the entire house

Saying I am aware to America, hope you’s all get on fine

The greedy gluttons ate toast before they left

and England of its two finest songwriters was bereft


Mc Hillbilly Headed back to Brenda the Landlady

and Sang the Brenda song and she went crazy

Get in taxi for the bus from Salford college

That place where they take a young man and fill them with crap not knowledge

And the greedy glutton Mc hillbilly was eating crisps

and Augustus Goster got on the bus

and then he left and said I am not taking any of this

So off Mc Hillbilly went to catch his plane

Augustus murmuring all way back to Witherington, that Mc Hillbilly’s gone insane


So Augustus did the same and they met at Dublin Airport

where Mc Hillbilly got barred from going to America

The custom offices where a lousy bunch

Mc hillbilly got himself a pair of magic boots

And some how was allowed to go to America