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Impossible is Easier (Demo – Bootleg) Cousin Lee

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Given the recent events this seems rather fitting, discovered on cassettes that were hidden. Impossible is Easier than the possible.

Call my Name (let this pen write)

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Look in between the lines I have written for you

Look in between the faces that pass you by on the street

Call my name again





I don’t want to hear what you are not sure about


Now we got something

we don’t touch ground

we don’t ever frown

cause we have been around


People fall for anything that has past

I am an eagle in the mist

I am eye in your face


Oh let this pen write

let your heart speak for once


It is getting near to us

though we don’t do anything

We can pick up things

though I am not listening

to them


We can go higher

cause there is no where to fall

though things seem to wrong

they are really right


Let this pen write

Let your heart speak

call my name

I don’t want to hear

what you are not sure about

Call my name again


Written 1994 Cousin Lee, Adapted Cousin Lee 2016

Published Cousin Lee © 1994

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