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360 deals Still Music?

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

There has been a growing number of record deals in the last year that for a whole host of artists that manage not just their albums but there entire output. For many of the big artists more money is coming from tours than from sales of records. Is this a good trend? To answer that we have take a close look at the music. In the past music has been a limited supply. It is only in the last 20 – 30 years that access has grown to the epidemic portions we now see. For anyone who has internet connection they are now able to access hours and of just about every type of music all legally through online radio stations, websites, and blogs. What happens when you have too much of something? You get lazy and fat.(figuratively speaking) It no longer holds that special feeling, that rush of excitment. Gone are the days when you could listen to Rock and Roll and your parents would break the disc.

There is of course still great rock and roll music being made, maybe better than at any other time in history. But it is less relevant than every. We are not passionate about it. Not to be passionate about music is probably the biggest crime. (Music is passion a out ward directed flow of creativity) As we may or not know it is enormously influential on our thoughts, what we wear and how we think. So our the current changes good for the industry.

I believe so, it is with recordings one must remember that they are one dimensional. What we may see now is a return to live music, people creating their own music and uploading it on to the internet. Instead of just a few thousand pop stars any body can make and create. Which is what fundamentally music is about.

Seth hits nail on the Head

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Seth Godin, has posted an interesting blog post on his site.

I have noticed this too, and would also add recruitment companies for Linkedin and possible Facebook too. Still change is coming.

“And CNET hates Google
And newspapers hate Craigslist
And music labels hate Napster
And used bookstores hate Amazon
And so do independent bookstores.

Dating services hate Plenty of Fish
And the local shoe store hates Zappos
And courier services hate fax machines
And monks hate Gutenberg

Apparently, technology doesn’t care who you hate.”