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Religion can one find God there

Saturday, January 14th, 2012


Christianity is deeply fascinating in pursuit of the higher self. However as amazing as churches our this projection (in what can be hard very times of grandeur) does seem to create some illusion and obscure the the real truth about an inward god.

Libor Novacek Going To His Concert

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Finding time to do things that are personally important to us, is a major part of life to get right. So much that we do is for other people, other causes. Perhaps it is more important these things come first. I have been meaning for a while to write a few things here. I have some case studies to prepare for tomorrow and it is already a quarter to eleven. Still though I am going to find time to write about a concert that I went to recently. Mainly because these small things are important too. I reckon it will make me feel better, than anything else that I can do now.

Last Thursday I saw Libor Novacek as the concert guide describe:

“A formidable Liszt interpreter, the Prague-born Libor Novacek has already been compared to such great pianists as Claudio Arrau and Wilhelm Kempff, his music-making described as being of ‘exceptional poetic verve and inwardness’. The former Young Concert Artists Trust performer follows a delightful sonata from Hadyn’s middle period and eight capriccios and intermezzos from Brahms’s middle years, with the fantastic nine-part product of the Swiss period of Liszt’s colourful years of pilgrimage.”

I am not familiar with his work so it was a first time experience. I can testify that it was an electrifying performance. I have seen quite a number of piano recitals but nothing like this. He was unstoppable even though the stool was squeaking he was not to be deterred or distracted. I was truly moved by his soft delicate interpretation of Liszt in the first half of his performance. After a break of 20 minutes he focused on slightly heavy and less well known pieces. To play dissonance requires impeccable timing and a thorough understanding of the music. Although I could not reach the left cerebral heights enjoyed by the first half. It was an uplifting experience. Performing for over an hour and a half, I was so glad that he choose to play pieces that are not so well known. I believe that we will be able to buy the record soon as that was his last performance before going into the studio to record these songs that he has been performing on this concert tour.

Vivienne Westwood

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

 Vivienne Westwood was on a TV chat show on Friday evening. She is probably someone who we have heard a lot about but cannot quite put a picture to the face. As the one of 78112960.jpgkey figures of the punk movement to being recognized today as a top clothes designer. I do not know all that much about clothes so I want even try to talk about what she has done. She did make one very interesting comment though. She said that she never watched TV or listened to the radio. She found that they distracted from here work and sense of well being. I think if one looks at what she makes one can get sense of that. I thought also it was a very interesting comment about life in general.