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It’s the Journey that Counts not the Result

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Very often we hear life is simple, I guess we may also hear that it is complicated depending where we are in life. I am constantly amazed how many of the simple things we take for granted or just forgot. Sometimes we seem so focused on getting somewhere or doing something that we forgot almost all the pleasure, excitement, challenge in the Journey getting there. It is that part we must enjoy cause there is really no other part. When we reach the end we then start to look for something else and so we should.

Love is blind…. yet we can see.

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Music is one of the most passionate art forms that exist. Yet being passionate does not mean that you will be good at it. It does mean that you will pursue it against all odds. I remember hearing Haircut 100 a British pop band and my adventure beginning. I guess that first instance I was drawn by the simpleness of the expression. Being young could mean that we have so much more of our brain to fill that we are more susceptible to new sights and sounds. In the time that I started to listen to music there had already been many hundred years of music. Expressing every kind of emotion and feeling, but we keep changing and need new forms of expression. Although the basic instinct of love, fear, and hate are the same, are expression of them changes as indeed are society changes.