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Getting fit …….

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

I have been trying some new things out recently. Miss rabbit who blogs over here along with a few other people have been asking when I would stop smoking. Not that I smoke a lot or drink very much. It all started when I started to do some running. After I had run for about 2O mins I would feel quite different a bit more refreshed. I decided to stop smoking and drinking at the same time. I kind of realised that in my adult life there really had been no real occasion where I had not done one or the other. I wanted to see what it was like not be influenced by either one. I can report back now 2 months later and say it is pretty damn good. You sleep so well and wake up refreshed. In fact sleep has been one of my favourite things I enjoy. There is nothing like resting and having a few dreams. Of course as with everything moderation and fun are key words in trying something new.

Ouch I have got a headache, what to do….

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Yesterday at work, one of my colleagues got a terrible headache, I suggest that she drink’s some extra water. According to my mother who is a doctor in acupuncture and I think I have seen it also on TV. Headaches are largely due to the brain dehydration. Which means in other words we are not getting enough fluid in our bodies and particularly the brain. When there is not enough fluid you can feel the brain rubbing against the skull hence the pain. Next time you have a headache try drinking some extra water with or without paracetamol.