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Steps in Between

Friday, May 19th, 2017

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I had hoped to change that

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016


It is the way it is

I had hoped to change that

I had hoped to make it better

But just what can I do

Not going to use it that way

Or put it like that

What has happened

Responsibility not to carry

Repeat it over and over, what I see

and there is not much more to say


I got the chain but I am not sure if the lock works

I got the love, lucky me I am sure that it works


Still I had hoped to change that


I wrote it down

then I sent it to my love

I thought about it

made a decision but did not win it


Written 1998 Cousin Lee, Published Cousin Lee © 1998

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Love ooh aah

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

(Key G)

Where was I somewhere back there

Wait a minute the colour is shining

Standing in the blackness

So easy to find

What it is that she exactly means

the sun is shining on me


Love ooh aaah

Love hmm


Move over, this mess

Everything else is going to have wait

another 5 days

Before I can make it

Just what is relevant

Seems to carry a heavy presence

tomorrow bills have to be paid

crucify me for my why


Love ooh aaah

Love hmm


I have felt it

in my mind I have seen it

do not wish to possess

they say it all freedom

But everything has lost it meaning

in the age of glass and steel

and self reliance on the wheel

Written By Cousin Lee Published Cousin Lee ©



(High quality Mp3 256 bit rate and lossless wave)

Sometimes you make recordings and they grow in presence. This is the case here exploring what lies in between thoughts and reality.


01. Fly to Heaven

02. I had hoped to change that

03. Choose Life

04. For McHillbilly

05. Past

06. Break Those Chains

07. String of Thought

08. Poemilla

09. Astral Plain

10. India Folk

11. Love oh aah

12. Power Baby

13. Watching  the Film


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