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Choo Choo – Augustus

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

From ‘Red Hot Spark’ (Part one)


One two three here I came

five six seven eight for some more

nine ten eleven twelve lets go


American politics and law

autumn leaves and flowers in the fall

something about I can’t touch

yes it has got me in the air


I am bird swooping over you

choo choo choo choo


Oh babe you  understand

they are pulling me down

I try not to frown

I want to see the dawn


I am injection your my heroin

choo choo choo choo


Hey lets stay out late

ooh it will be just you and me

Aah ‘ll pick you up at eight

in my black and white 58


I am lover who needs a shot

choo choo choo choo


One two three here I came

five six seven eight for some more

nine ten eleven twelve let’s go


Words and Music By Cousin Lee © 1993


French Whispers (song lyrics)

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

French Whispers, from Red Hot Sparks recorded in 1992


French Whispers


I have a had a thousand nightmares

I have walked a thousand miles

I have an African companion

And diamond mine in mind


I am standing tall

Though I feel very small

I stand and then I fall

I am what you could call

a snow white dwarf in Cadillac

rolling down the road

coming to get you back


Tonight I shall dine her arms

She shall smell sweet as a palm

We shall drink sweet wine and barley

That comes from the mind that leads to the heart attack and wine


I stand on my toe nails

I read from your nose

All the things that happened to go

I stand here and I don’t really know

I am what you could say the unbelievable unquestionable sign


Tonight I dine in Paris

Tomorrow I fly for New York

I am never mind, I will take away your time

And sell it to an old bottle of mine


Written By Cousin Lee © 1994 Discuss at