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Thursday, August 4th, 2016

What did you do Judas

what do you feel Judas


You who have so little faith

Prepare to condemn to the ground

When you asked to see the holes in hands

You thought you get let me down


What did you do Judas

what do you feel Judas


Now the nights fear whip your face

Your out yet still to be beaten down

James said you had golden chance

But the tidal waves came crushing down


Who did you betray this time

when you took the mask away

Was it really worth it for the crime

The music is just a shot away


What did they tell yeah

Where you going going now

There is no one left to betray yeh

except the words that are yours


Is the going getting you down

the clock keeps turning around

but don’t it grind you down

how far have you been wound


What did you do Judas

What do you feel Judas


Written 1993 Cousin Lee, Published Cousin Lee © 1993

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